Uses Of Crystals For Healing

Meditating With Crystals

There are various ways in which crystals can be used in meditation. You can hold a crystal in the left palm, sit still in a comfortable position, and take a few deep breaths. Crystals help you to get into a meditative state fast.

They open your inward eye and help you to concentrate on your being. Use the same crystal for meditation every day. This is helpful as the crystal stores the memories of meditation and helps your mind to this state quicker. One can also hold a crystal in both the hands or even wear a crystal while meditating.

Dowsing with crystals

Dowsing is a form of divination and is used to diagnose problems (physical, mental or emotional), locate lost objects, hidden treasures, underground water or any such things. Crystals can be very effective in dowsing.

A crystal pendulum is usually employed. The pendulum would begin swinging or will change directions when used for dowsing. Dowsing with a pendulum can be used in various ways. One can use it while holding it over a person to diagnose problems.

Dowsing can be done over a photograph of a person, or over a piece of paper with the person’s name written on it. A pendulum can swing to-and-fro, clockwise or anti-clockwise and thus can give you the answers that you were searching for.

To effectively use a pendulum, hold the string in your left hand with your thumb and index finger. Thereafter ask it how it wants to answer. Ask the pendulum how it will respond on a Yes. If it starts rotating clockwise then you know how it is going to reply to a question with a yes.

Similarly ask its response for an answer of No or of uncertainty. Once you know the responses you can begin asking real questions. Try not to influence the motion of the pendulum by your own thoughts. Remain neutral and sit still and the pendulum will provide you the answers by the directions of its movements.

Healing with Crystals

Since crystals have the power to transmit, direct and channelize energies they can be used for healing – emotional, mental and physical. Human body is also a system of energy flows, therefore crystals can aid in healing. Essentially crystals can be used in two ways for healing.

One by putting them around the person in a certain way or two by holding them and moving them in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction over a person. The clockwise movement focuses and directs the energies while anti-clockwise movement pulls out pains and negative energies.

One can also program a crystal for healing and carry it with oneself preferably in a way such that this crystal touches the skin. Keeping crystals around you while lying down can also help to balance the energies and provide a healing effect.