Types Of Crystals

merkabaDouble-Terminated Crystals

Double-Terminated as the name suggests is a crystal having points at both ends. Such a crystal has within it the two opposites of giving and receiving, negative and positive, male and female; and unites them in the middle.

All crystals respond, amplify and transmit, but double terminated crystals are especially powerful. They can be used in communicating better, resolving issues, getting a better insight, and balancing health and emotions.

Single Terminated crystal

Single Terminated Crystal has a point on one end. This sort of crystal is helpful in transmitting and amplifying energies. These are very powerful healers especially in cases where a person needs a lot of energy to achieve an objective. Whenever you need to be more assertive and decisive, a single terminated crystal can be of great use.

Receptive crystal

Quartz Wand

A receptive crystal has seven sided flat face. Such a crystal is particularly useful for meditation. It can be held in the lap or in the hand, while meditating. It can absorb a lot of pain – emotional as well as physical. A receptive crystal also promotes dreams and helps you to interpret them for your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Phantom Crystal

Phantom crystal is the one which has some other element in it. When you look at it you would feel as if there is another crystal inside it just like a ghost. Phantoms act as guardian angels and become very powerful. They also inspire creativity, imagination and ambition. Since they themselves are so unusual, they help to achieve really big goals.

Rainbow Crystal

These are a very special variety of crystals. When you look at them against the light you can see one or many rainbows inside them. They bring great pleasure and joy in your life. When you are depressed, keep a rainbow crystal in your pocket or under your pillow. It can change your perspective and understanding of things in this world and life; thus bringing you a lot of happiness and joy.


Quartz Cluster

A crystal cluster is called so when lots of crystals grow from the same base. These are great for families or groups. They recharge the atmosphere. A cluster placed in a shop, office or commercial establishment (any place frequented by people) creates a lot of harmony. Cluster stimulates efficiency in the work place. Kept in a room, a cluster emanates positive energies and attracts good thoughts.

Twin Crystals

These are two crystals connected to each other. In such a case the crystals can be of the same size as well as of different sizes. Since they have a common base they symbolize unification. This is a crystal for couples and anyone who needs bonding. They can also aid decision making in a group.