Crystal World

ganeshStones and Crystals have been man’s oldest friend. They have been used in every sphere of life from hunting, agriculture, wars, healing, to even science and technology.

They are the most perfectly symmetrical creations of nature. They have their own vibrations which attracts people to them. Even other living things like Plants and animals display an affiliation to them. Come and explore this fascinating world of crystals and gems for yourself.

Acquiring Crystals

Crystals start making an impact as soon as you see them or come in contact with them. One can acquire crystals by simply picking one from the mountains, riverside, and other natural areas where they occur. Or one can buy them.
When you are trying to get your crystal, let crystal do the choosing.

You will be amazed to know that the crystal meant for you will almost jump up and say “I am the one for you, please take me”. It is as if they are pulling you in their direction. One can liken this to choosing a friend; some people make strong and positive first impression and attract you. Same with crystals – they are your friends for life. Go by intuition and decide on the crystal which appeals to you.

Cleansing the Crystal

Any crystal acquires and collects various kinds of energies with time. This happens as the crystal passes through various hands or places. It is therefore important to cleanse your crystals before you start using them.

One of the easiest and most common ways of cleansing the crystals is to soak them in salt water overnight. (If you are close to the sea then you could use sea water to soak the crystals). In the morning simply take the crystals and wash them in running water for 1 – 2 minutes. Now your crystals are clean and ready to be charged or “programmed”.

Charging the Crystal

It is very important to charge a crystal to serve your objective. Some people also call it programming the crystal. You should always clean the crystal before charging.

You should keep the cleansed crystal in the sun for 3 – 4 hours during the midday. You should put the crystal on the soil if possible, or on clean floor. If you do not have access to direct sunlight you can also put the crystal on a natural Quartz Cluster.

This will charge up your crystal with positive energy. And you can then program it. Hold the crystal in the palm of your left hand and visualize that your objective has been met successfully. For example, if you want to acquire wealth, then imagine that the positive energies flowing from your crystal have fulfilled your dreams.

Keep the crystal close to your person, in your bag or your pocket. Keep thinking positively and eventually you will find that what you dreamt is beginning to happen. Whenever in doubt, reaffirm the faith by holding your crystal close for a few minutes.

Using the crystal

After charging the crystal it is ready for use. One can either carry the crystal in the pocket or a bag, or wear it around the neck. It can also be kept under the pillow in the night.

If your crystal is too big to carry around then you can keep it at home or in the office (depending on the intended purpose). It should be kept in the open where there is some light too. Never keep it locked in a cupboard or a drawer.

Moreover, you should talk to your crystal everyday. Hold it and love it and reiterate your objective again and again to it as well as yourself. Always visualize the flow of positive energies from your crystal and imagine your success. Make your crystal your best pal and it will echo those friendly positive vibes back to you.